China will use the cameras of mobile phones and smart TVs to control its citizens

China will use the cameras of mobile phones and smart TVs to control its citizens

By 2020, China will have completed its new facial recognition network of national surveillance, managing to control practically all the inhabitants of urban centers in detail thanks to smartphones and smart TVs.

The Asian country seems to have found the last of its shoe to continue limiting the rights and freedoms of its inhabitants in new technologies, being a pioneer in implanting smart glasses that in addition to recognizing pedestrians, allow access to their criminal history.

Similarly and perhaps inspired by an episode of Black Mirror, this novel citizen control plan will have established a system by points such as driving license, but based on their behavior that will affect areas as varied as the granting of a mortgage, job interviews or even access to the best educational centers.

As if that were not enough, thanks to Big Data, artificial intelligence and exhaustive control, all these measures will allow them to implement a system capable of avoiding crimes before they are committed, mixing all the available information.

As you can imagine, for that it is necessary to control what they do at all times: not only at work or in public places, but also inside their homes. That’s where the thirteenth five-year Chinese plan comes in. It requires 100% supervision and facial recognition of citizens, unifying all of the country’s databases, as we read in the newspaper Radio Free Asia.

And they are on the way to it. The authorities of Sichuan province, located in the southwest of the country, reported last December that they had completed the installation of more than 40,000 surveillance cameras in more than 14,000 municipalities, something called «sharp eyes».

The technological firm Bell New Vision Co is responsible for making this nightmare in the form of «sharp eyes» reality, developing the platform that links the installed cameras with the optics of the smart devices of the home to create this network that will allow to follow in real time the routine of citizens. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

The name of the operation comes from the old slogan of the Chinese Communist Party that said «people have sharp eyes», reflecting how the tip-off network works thanks to the eyes and ears of the neighbors. But the cameras are much more effective and objective for the authorities.

If there is internet and there is a camera, the police will know absolutely everything. Of course, given our love for gadgets, ordinary citizens will make it very easy if they have a mobile phone. Although they have the infrastructure and control of the big operators, the question is: will the manufacturers allow it?

the Chinese government controls the activity of the citizens to the millimeter, stores detailed information about their habits, routines, beliefs and tastes and is able to act firmly in case what they find does not like them.

The dystopian future that had so terrified us in the science fiction films of recent years is just around the corner and Chinese citizens will be the first to suffer it in their skin under the government of President Xi Jinping.