Do you have a Smart TV? These accessories are what we recommend

Do you have a Smart TV? These accessories are what we recommend

The accessories for your Smart TV are the next step after buying it, and that is that little by little intelligent TVs are sneaking in almost all the salons. These TVs offer many possibilities, such as WiFi connectivity and compatible operating systems with hundreds of applications, but they are not perfect.

There are gadgets and accessories for your Smart TV that allow you to expand the capabilities of your TV. These cheap and easy to install accessories make it more comfortable to use and more complete its benefits. They are especially useful for Smart TV with webOS or more limited operating systems than Android TV. Therefore, if you just bought a cheap TV this will certainly interest you.

We have selected six accessories for smart TVs that you can buy right now and that will make you enjoy much more of all the contents. There is everything: from accessories that you probably already knew to some other product that may surprise you.

1. Keyboard to navigate more comfortably

Smart TVs allow you to install applications, a very useful extra, but it becomes a real nightmare when you have to write on them. Going letter by letter until doing a search on YouTube is tremendously tedious and annoying, so we have selected a wireless keyboard as the best accessory for your new Smart TV.

With it you can type quietly from the sofa and in a much more fluid than with the command. Some even include tactile mouse.

2. Chromecast

If you still do not know everything you can do with the Chromecast, we’ll explain it to you here. It is one of the most useful devices on the market, even if you have a Smart TV. There are applications that are on Android but not on Android TV, webOS or Tizen. To send the image to your TV you need another additional device, and that is the Chromecast.

Let’s say you want to project some game of your mobile to the television. For this you need one of these devices. Of course, due to the open war between Amazon and Google, you can not buy it on Amazon, but on Media Markt.

3. Android TV Box

The Android TV Box are basically an Android device that you can insert into your TV through HDMI. Unlike the Chromecast, they do not send anything from the mobile, but they work completely autonomously. In them you can install Android applications and run them directly on your TV.

If your Smart TV already supports Android applications, it will do you little good. If it is a brand that prefers to use its own operating system, it will be useful for you.

4. Cleaning wipes

It is the most obvious of all and perhaps the most overlooked. When thinking about the best accessories for your Smart TV you probably do not think about cleaning the screen with a wipe, but if you do not do it regularly, the image quality will deteriorate.

Of course, you can take advantage of every time you clean to wipe.

5. Blu-Ray player 4K

Although little is said about this format, the Blu-Ray is still very much alive, now with the 4K as a companion. It is the best at the level of image quality that can be obtained today, although not all devices are compatible with it.

If you want to watch movies or series in Blu-Ray 4K, you will need a player according to this format. Currently you can find them very well priced at Amazon.

6. WiFi adapter

We come to the last device in this list of the best accessories for your Smart TV. Specifically it is a WiFi adapter. You will ask yourself: why do you need it if your TV already has WiFi? Simple: to work faster.

These adapters make the signal reach your TV more intensely, increasing the speed when watching series and movies in streaming. You have them at a great price on this link.