Fynoti, a minimalist security system in functions and price

Fynoti, a minimalist security system in functions and price

Thanks to technological advances in recent years we have been able to attend the arrival at home of multiple interconnected security systems focused on users with little knowledge and moderate budgets, although some of them may be due to excess functionality and features.

It is not the case of Fynoti, a device that puts as a starting point the simplicity of use but above all the low cost, allowing its arrival in almost any type of housing. What does it consist of?

It is basically a small team that can be installed in any room of the house and is responsible for monitoring the space using an infrared light capable of detecting movement at distances of up to 12 meters.

It also has a powerful siren of 110 decibels and can be connected to the home WiFi network to send notifications to the user’s smartphone or to the people he chooses as an emergency contact.

The device uses three batteries as a power source that theoretically last for a year. As for the control of the system, we can do it from the iOS or Android mobile, managing one or several units at the same time, being able to send suspicious activity alerts to neighbors that have the same security system at home.

Price and availability

Fynoti is still in financing phase in Indiegogo and they expect to start sending units in March of next year for 9 dollars if we collaborate with the project or 19 dollars if we do not.