Google’s plan to conquer the Indian market would include a mid-range Pixel

Google’s plan to conquer the Indian market would include a mid-range Pixel

That Google is serious about this hardware is something they have been making clear since the launch of the first Pixel, and the latest rumors suggest that the company wants to continue making strong in this section also in emerging markets, especially India.

According to Economic Times, Google’s strategy aims to rival strong brands such as Apple or Samsung, increasing its presence by launching some products from its catalog such as the Pixelbook, Google Home speakers and also a mid-range smartphone within the Pixel range.

The arrival of the first Pixel in 2016 marked a turning point in the hardware part of Google. The company changed its strategy, betting on a new line of smartphones with a new name and features (and prices) of high-end. However, the strategy in terms of distribution was rather discreet, launching its terminals in a handful of countries.

Google expanded borders with the arrival of Pixel 2, but still has a long way to make its product portfolio available globally. For example in Spain we have the Pixel 2 XL, but we have not yet seen the Google Home or the Pixelbook.

With the arrival of cheaper 4G networks to India and being the largest mobile market in the world after China, the rumor that Google wants to gain presence makes perfect sense. In addition, Google is already focusing on India with the launch of new models within the Android Go and Android One lines, but apparently they want to go further.

As we said, the company’s strategy would be to launch its two speaker models, Google Home and Google Home Mini, to compete with Amazon Echo, which will arrive in India shortly. There is also talk of the launch of the Pixelbook, its laptop with ChromeOS, and various products of the smart-home line that are sold through the Google Store as the Nest Thermostat or surveillance camera.

But the product that stands out in this previous report is the mention of a Pixel with mid-range specifications. So far, the Pixel series had focused on the more premium segment, but markets like the Indian require a more aggressive bet in terms of price. At the moment there are no filtered features, but there is talk that this model would reach the market in July or August.

At the moment Google has not confirmed or denied this information. We will be attentive to expand with more news about the mysterious mid-range Pixel.