Haier launches Smart Wifi technology for air conditioning

Haier launches Smart Wifi technology for air conditioning

Haier, manufacturer of household appliances, new technologies and air conditioning, introduces Smart Wifi technology, Haier’s exclusive and intelligent app that allows you to manage climate equipment from anywhere in a quick and easy way. With just downloading the Haier Smart 2 app, the user can control their splits from their mobile or tablet at any time.

Spring is coming, the craziest time of the year in terms of time. One day it is sunny and suffocating, so we gladly turn on our air conditioning equipment anxiously awaiting the arrival of summer, and the next day a heavy rain and an unexpected cold that makes us come back to reality again of the winter that seemed already finished.

For these meteorological changes Haier has a series of air conditioning systems with integrated Smart Wifi, perfect to control them easily from anywhere, thus facilitating the lives of its users. Having always the desired temperature when you get home, raising or lowering the power from the sofa or managing the maintenance of the equipment has never been so simple.

Haier’s Smart Wifi technology detects the user’s location through GPS. This means that the equipment can be switched off or on automatically as we approach, approximately at a distance of 1.5 km. With this new Haier app, the user had never been able to enjoy this unique experience and have absolute control enjoying the desired temperature and environment at all times, without waiting, as soon as he arrives at his stay.

Haier air conditioning system connects via WIFI to a Google server, while the smartphone or tablet controls the entire system through an app. The server in the cloud acts as a link, transferring the information from the device to the mobile device and vice versa. In this way, remote control of the equipment is allowed by several users and even for multiple installations.

It is a unique application completely redesigned from Haier, which integrates the most intelligent elements and services to be able to create a familiar, comfortable, healthy and clean environment. The application allows the control of several devices with the same smartphone and, also, that a device is controlled by different users. Each of the indoor units can be operated independently.

In terms of intelligent fault management and maintenance, Haier’s Smart Wifi technology allows the installer to be notified when maintenance operations are required, such as cleaning the filters or when operating errors are detected. The Haier Smart Air app can also remind the user to clean the filters after 240 cumulative hours of operation.

In the domestic range of air conditioning, Haier is still betting on equipment that works with refrigerant R-32, as an alternative for the future, since it drastically reduces CO2 emissions. In this way, the European Union’s energy efficiency regulations are met, since this gas has the lowest GWP (global warming coefficient) in the market.

At Haier, more efficient and sustainable solutions that minimize our impact on the environment are constantly being promoted. Therefore, air conditioning equipment uses refrigerants that have a lot of advantages compared to previous generations of refrigerants because it is the most efficient, ecological and economic to date. The R-32 refrigerant is completely safe and suitable for domestic use, and the devices that use it need less refrigerant charge to operate, which means they are cheaper. In short, it is good for the planet and good for people.