How autonomous cars will affect us

How autonomous cars will affect us

Autonomous cars will have a great impact on the day to day of people and in the way of understanding some businesses. We review the changes that this technology will bring.

A large number of companies are betting on autonomous cars. This technology is increasingly developed and it is now possible to acquire vehicles capable of parking alone or braking if they find an obstacle in the road. If evolution continues in this way, it is very possible that finally you will get to get a car capable of moving without a driver.

The progressive independence of cars until they reach their autonomy will have a great impact. In addition to the way people move, their influence will reach other sectors that will have to reinvent themselves to maintain their competitiveness and open the door to new business models.
New businesses that created by autonomous cars

The development of autonomous cars has been a push for the launch of different technologies associated with them.

  • Artificial intelligence. To get a vehicle to make decisions independently, it is necessary to have a large amount of data and, more importantly, a processor capable of collating and taking opinions. It is expected that during the next decades smarter devices will be built, capable of learning in a self-taught way.
  • 3D and HD maps. The traditional road maps were relegated to oblivion with the appearance of applications such as Google Maps, able to indicate at all times the exact point where the vehicle was and the route that was to follow. However, this technology will soon become obsolete when autonomous cars require high-quality, three-dimensional maps to be able to circulate.
  • Entertainment. At the highest level of an autonomous car, it is not necessary that the driver has to pay attention to the road. It is for this reason that you can perform other actions while the car is on the road. Being able to be entertained or informed by both the pilot and the occupants is one of the challenges of the sector
  • Data. One of the reasons why technological giants like Google and Apple have been involved in the development of autonomous cars is because they will be a device capable of obtaining a huge amount of data. The use and application of this information may be one of the businesses of the future.

Businesses that will change with autonomous cars

Some ways of understanding daily life will undergo a great transformation.

  • Transport. Thanks to artificial intelligence, autonomous trucks can make the most convenient route, save delivery times and be more efficient.
  • Jurists. In case of a hypothetical accident it is convenient to detail who is at fault, whether the car or the human being. One of the most important points and that is still pending to be resolved.
  • Collaborative economy. It is expected that there will be an increase in the cases in which different people share the use of a car, either during the same journey or taking advantage of the time when it is not being used to rent it to third parties.
  • Oil industries. Autonomous cars are expected to make more efficient use of fuel and therefore take longer to fill the tank. The result will be less harmful gas emissions. However, it is also necessary to take into account that perhaps very few autonomous vehicles operate on gasoline or diesel, since electricity or the hydrogen fuel cell can be the drivers of the future.
  • Greater mobility. A greater number of people can ride in the car. Segments of the population such as people of advanced age or people who have not reached the age of 18 could move independently using one of these vehicles.

Autonomous cars will completely change the lives of people and business models of some companies. It is for this reason that it is convenient to know how to evolve and adapt to the development of technology. The MAPFRE Car Insurance is a complete policy that puts these principles into practice, adjusting to each client to offer you the product that best suits you.