In search of the best smart city initiative

In search of the best smart city initiative

Following a double objective: to recognize the progress that some cities are making in the execution of smart city projects and build a forum to share the best practices to accelerate the development of smart cities in Europe, IDC Government Insights has launched the first edition of the European IDC Smart Cities Awards.

Thus, any organization can nominate a project or initiative of the city that has been implemented, including the city itself, local agencies or councils, involved manufacturers, associations and other agents. The deadline for submitting applications is June 1, 2018.

The cities and town halls of Europe are facing significant forces of change such as urban regeneration, collaboration and democratization of energy, among others, which act as drivers for cities to adopt innovative solutions and redesign their models of service delivery, adopting a more focused approach. centered on the user. European cities have always been at the forefront in applying technology, data and original approaches to address the environmental, financial and social problems that impact communities.

The IDC Smart Cities Awards aim to highlight the best practices in urban innovation with a special focus on the use of technology (cloud, platforms, analysis, IoT, mobile solutions) and data, such as the case of special partnerships, financing models and / or Community involvement.

Award Categories

  • Civil commitment
  • Tourism, art, libraries, culture, open spaces
  • Urban planning and land use
  • Administration
  • Emergency management
  • Police and law enforcement based on data
  • Sustainable infrastructures
  • Smart energy services
  • Efficient mobility
  • Transport connected

«European cities face significant challenges and their response is to become increasingly intelligent by implementing innovative technological solutions, redesigning service and business models, adopting a more user-centered approach,» says Chris Pennell, director of research at IDC Government Insights Europe.

The IDC Smart City Awards aspire to give more visibility to the most innovative initiatives and the most pioneering projects, so that they can be adopted by other communities struggling with similar problems.