Nvidia partners with Uber and Volkswagen to develop autonomous cars with its new Xavier chip

Nvidia partners with Uber and Volkswagen to develop autonomous cars with its new Xavier chip

Nvidia is determined to become one of the most important companies in the autonomous car sector, and has taken advantage of the CES of Las Vegas to unveil all the details about its Xavier chip. This will be the heart of the Drive IX platform that the company is developing to control autonomous cars.

The incorporation of this processor in the platform will help the vehicles that bet on it to implement functions, such as control by gestures, face recognition, or virtual assistants capable of understanding our natural language when we interact with them.

To do all this, the Xavier processor will have an 8-core CPU and a 512-core Volta GPU, deep learning accelerator and computer vision, and the ability to process videos with 8K and HDR resolution. It will also have 9,000 million transistors, which according to Nvidia will be able to make 30 trillion (trillion in the United States) operations per second and include a system of simultaneous learning.

Given that the manufacturer is aware that one of the keys to electric cars of the future will be in the range, it has also ensured that its clip will have an excellent energy efficiency consuming 15 times less than the previous generation architecture. However, this is the kind of data that we should not believe at all until the first in-depth tests begin to arrive.

In addition to the Xavier processor and the Drive IX platform, Nvidia has also introduced another new platform called Drive AR. It is an SDK with which they hope that the next generation of vehicles will also implement augmented reality interfaces controlled by an artificial intelligence, and that according to the company should help us create alerts and navigate in an easier and safer way.

New alliances with Uber and Volkswagen

And to implement all these technologies, Nvidia has also announced that it has partnered with Uber and Volkswagen to promote the creation of autonomous cars. Both will join the list of 320 companies that are already collaborating with Nvidia according to the manufacturer, and among which are important names such as Tesla and Baidu.

With its alliance, Nvidia will be responsible for providing an autonomous driving system to the future models of the German manufacturer, as well as the electric van that Volkswagen announced at CES last year. For this purpose, it will use the aforementioned Drive IX platform they have spoken about during the event.

As for Uber, Nvidia has made it clear that both have already been collaborating in the autonomous driving tests that the transport company has been carrying out, and that they will continue to do so to definitely promote this technology.