Privacy Smart Glass. Switchable privacy glass in the new architecture.

Privacy Smart Glass. Switchable privacy glass in the new architecture.

Glass is commonly used in architecture to materialize numerous construction systems, such as façade cladding or interior partition elements, mainly due to two of its most appreciated qualities, the visual connection between spaces and the passage of light through the material.

These qualities are the most relevant when choosing the material, but in turn often become an obstacle that conflicts with the functionality of the building.

In some cases, glass enclosures provide a deficient privacy to the spaces that delimit, necessary with a more or less constant temporality and regularity.

Material technology responds to this problem with innovative solutions such as Privacy Glass, a product that is included in the so-called Smart Glass, a smart glass that allows you to reach total opacity in just an instant with the push of a button . By applying an electric current, the glass changes from transparent to opaque and vice versa, in less than 0.01 seconds. The system is controlled and allows its activation from simple mechanisms: wall switches, remote controls, motion sensors, light sensors or timers; according to the most convenient system for each type of space, the needs of each client or the peculiarities of each project.

There is also the possibility that opacity is achieved through opaque colored glass.

This type of glass responds to many commercial spaces, which usually resort to these glass enclosures for their aesthetics, to provide a more diaphanous floor, to allow a visual connection between the different areas, etc. This is the case of offices or meeting rooms in office buildings, reserved restaurants, bathrooms hotel rooms, etc.

There are also solutions with automatic and sliding panels, automated positioning, etc., which allow constant control of the glass even during movement, both for interiors and exteriors.

Although its use is mainly intended for commercial and office spaces, it is also suitable for compartmentalization in domestic spaces for private use.