Six ways in which graphene will revolutionize technology

Six ways in which graphene will revolutionize technology

Graphene is undoubtedly the material of the future, as resistant as steel or diamond, and much more flexible than all of them, in the medium term we will see how their uses multiply and completely change the way we conceive the day to day. Let’s review some of the technologies that the arrival of Graphene will change forever.

In the future graphene could revolutionize the lighting, the future could give us thanks to this material a flexible screen or a strip of light with only an atom of thickness, something crazy. Columbia University and Professor James Home hope that in the future this micro-bulbs can be integrated into intelligent clothing textile pieces, which can be illuminated thanks to them.

Infinite energy

The superconducting properties of graphene could bring us in the future devices capable of charging once and running forever with that energy, without having to reload it again. The University of Cambridge is already working on the conjunction of graphene with the praseodymium cerium oxide of copper, which dramatically enhances the properties of this material.

Advanced speakers

The future of the speakers could also go through graphene, in fact the University of Exeter develop a technology in solid state that replaces the traditional movement of the speaker forward and backward. It does so with Graphene, which can vary the temperature of the air at such a speed that it generates sound at audible frequencies at a dizzying speed, something that would imply in the future having integrated speakers on a screen, where the sound would be generated in the own visual panel.

Ultra resistant vests

Thanks to graphene we can see vests in the form of armor capable of stopping a bullet with the thickness of a sheet of a few millimeters, all thanks to this material. An application that is already under development by Georgia Tech, who have already shown a two-layer epitaxial graphene sheet. A combination that is able to withstand and overcome the drilling of a diamond point.

Interactive painting

As the researchers at the Leibniz Institute Polymer Research in Germany have shown, in the future we can also use graphene in paint. A painting capable of revealing repairs and breaks in the facade of a building. Thanks to this material, the paint could change color by detecting breaks and fractures in any object, thus alerting us of the need for repair.

Ultra fast battery charging

From Dongxu Optoelectronic have designed a charging technology that thanks to graphene is able to charge a battery of 4,800mAh completely in just fifteen minutes. In addition these batteries would have a longer life of operation, being able to load and recharged in more than 3,500 times.