Smart Cars arrive

Smart Cars arrive

It is estimated that by the year 2020 there will be 250 million smart cars that will be able to take us from one place to another. They will work thanks to the Internet of things that endow intelligence objects and make them connected to each other.

The future is already here and smart cars, also called Smart Carts, are the clear evidence of what we dreamed in the past has come true. Because the various studies carried out by experts say that by the year 2020 there will already be about 250 million connected cars on the roads (it is estimated that there will be around 60 billion connected objects) that will take us from one place to another automatic without the driver having to make any effort in addition to being able to have access to all types of technology. For everyone to understand, the smart car will be a kind of next-generation mobile in the form of a vehicle in which you can do all kinds of things.

All this will be possible through what is known as the internet of things, also called loT, which to put it in an easy way, makes the objects are endowed with intelligence to make them respond to various situations in real time and be able to communicate with each other Thanks to this technology, the vehicles will be connected and will practically work on the roads as robots under the driver’s orders. These will be connected through Wi-Fi, next-generation phones as well as intelligent technology designed by different manufacturers. Brands like Tesla, BMW or Mercedes have already said yes to this new advance that will be a before and after in the history of mankind.

One of the great advantages, in addition to the time that drivers will save, is that these smart cars are aimed at reducing traffic accidents on the roads as much as possible. These vehicles, being connected to each other, will send the position data and that will make it impossible for a collision to occur between them. In this way they will also respect the safety distance, among many other things that will also reduce traffic in large cities.
‘Pirates’ and data protection, aspects to improve smart cars

But logically, in the same way that there are many advantages in relation to smart cars, there are also possible risks that cause a lot of skepticism in relation to this matter. One of the main problems that can arise with smart cars is that the figure of the hacker appears to destroy all the communication between the vehicles. And, logically, this could lead to great chaos on the road. For this it will be convenient that there are large security systems in what has been working for years.

Another possible problem that can arise from the implementation of Smart Cars is related to data protection. Remember that smart cars, thanks to the internet of things, will send the location automatically to a central server that will help solve traffic problems, reduce accidents or end robberies.

Another big question is what will happen and who will assume the cost when there is a collision between these two vehicles. What is clear is that, with smart cars, the insurance companies will have more knowledge about the driving style of the insured in question thanks to the sensors that are implanted such as fatigue, lane departure, safety distance, braking , car maintenance, etc.

Everything indicates that in the short term we will see the streets interconnected cars, which in addition to taking complete control of the situation, will process information of all kinds to central servers so that the greatest possible advantages are created both in terms of security, respect for the environment, etc.