Smart Containers, cutting-edge technology applied to the field of freight transport

Smart Containers, cutting-edge technology applied to the field of freight transport

The transport of goods by containers has always been a job in which the Smart Containers team has stood out for more than 50 years as one of the best companies in its sector. And, in so many years of experience, Smart Containers has accumulated more than 100 totally unique patents that makes them one of the main global references in the business of companies that distribute their services to other companies. In this sense, the vertiginous growth of the company is due to the importance of the service it provides, since there are many merchandise that need to be stored in special containers during their transportation, such as food or medicines, which require refrigerated containers of the best quality so that they can remain in good condition during their transport.

On this last point, Smart Containers has decided to enter fully into the very competitive food transport market for the same year 2018, in which they will provide a service with a wide reach within the European continent, for which they intend to acquire the latest technological innovations at your fingertips. This is how Smart Containers will make available to its customers the blockchain system integrated into their containers thanks to IoT sensor technology.

Similarly, the Smart Containers team has several plans for the near future, especially the creation of a platform which hosts a useful ecosystem for users, adding the possibility of having free functions in addition to making other utilities so complementary thanks to this same platform, such as making payments and ensuring transport. All this carried out intelligently, technologically and without using any type of paper, with which the electronic media within Smart Containers play a fundamental role.

All the technology offered by Smart Containers is state of the art and is at our service

As mentioned, the Smart Containers platform will allow its users to perform many functions without the need to spend paper, so they can use their services in an automated way. On this point, it is interesting how the Smart Containers developers have decided to create a unique and automatic billing method, so that the whole supply chain can be invoiced within any shipment, also decreasing the rates and costs, as well as being able to do use of cryptocurrencies as a method of payment.

Another interesting topic is the physical technology (hardware) of the containers that Smart Containers’ children plan to develop, these innovative «autonomous containers 4.0», which differ from the others thanks to their more than 50 years of development in order to offer a container capable of regulating its own temperature according to the needs of the goods it stores. In the same way it presents insulation to different types of radiation and heat so that everything that is transported is kept in an optimal state.

The members of the research and development team of Smart Containers have strived to achieve an advanced thermal barrier that is up to 5 times more efficient than traditional technologies, with the benefits of blockchain technology. This will allow users of the platform to make decentralized shipments that can be paid by cryptocurrencies. Thus, when making a shipment by Smart Containers it will be possible to carry out a specific control of all the characteristics of the merchandise and the container, in such a way that the company and the client will be able to make a precise follow-up of what is being transported without Import the time or the geographical area where you are.

The support of each one of us is the most important thing for Smart Containers

The reception that the Smart Containers platform has had within the community of users and customers has been immense. Today, they have more than 2,000 members through their Telegram group, which, without a doubt, is unprecedented for the system. It is a clear sign that more and more people understand the importance of this project in the global economic market.

To ensure that this growth is maintained over time, Smart Containers has applied various changes that are aimed at improving everything concerning the platform. First of all they have added highly qualified personnel to be able to offer the best performance, those in charge of managing the community have also grown considerably, this guarantees that when consulting the system none of us will remain unanswered nor will we have to wait for a long time to take us into account. Also, thinking about what has to do with users,

Due to the great growth that the community has had in this period of time it has been decided to delay a bit the big ICO event. This will allow them to prepare in a better way so that we can all enter and participate without any type of problem. As expected, we can use fiat currencies, fiat.

Smart Containers expects the ICO to be a successful event that can demonstrate that it is possible to carry out this project without any type of problem. They are confident that the platform can be established without any problem and that it will have the support of a broad community of investors, customers and users. Thus, each one of the people who are part of the ecosystem will not be left out and will receive all the bonuses and rewards that they deserve.

In order to carry out the records within the platform without any problem, Smart Containers already has all its channels enabled and up to date. We will not suffer any mishap that has to do with the optimization of the platform. We can be totally calm because it will be a safe, fast and efficient process in all aspects.

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