Smart home in your kitchen

Smart home in your kitchen

Smart home comes to your kitchen, sometimes adopting the name of smart kitchen, given the impact it is having. Although it is expected that in 2020 is in its peak, and you can direct the search of your new floor to those homes that have smart kitchen.

Smart appliances

If you were surprised to be able to control the blinds or the light of your house with your mobile, even from a distance, imagine being able to cook from afar. This is achieved with the new smart kitchens.

Why worry about getting up every two minutes to go see the food, if you can calmly check it from your couch? Thanks to the new stoves and ovens with built-in camera, you will be able to know what happens in your food from your mobile.

What if the fridge came close to you, instead of you to her? Now there is this possibility, whenever you need a cold beer or you fancy refrigerated products. Obviously, this is only possible with a small refrigerator, which manages to move with the help of sensors.

Smart home apps that will help you make this all work

Many appliance companies are using special programs that you will not find in the search for apps. But, luckily, you can count on some of these applications, even though they do not work with all brands.

Home Connect allows you a general control of the entire kitchen. For the time being it has proven to be the most complete in the market, offering you, as if it were a dream, to warm your coffee before reaching the kitchen.

If you are a kitchen lover and you like to be a great host, KitchenPad Timer will be your perfect punch, helping you in cooking times and quantities that you should use in each preparation.

The smart home concept makes it easier to stay in the kitchen as you have never imagined before.