Smart Startup takes advantage of Blockchain to bring intelligent contracts to the masses

Smart Startup takes advantage of Blockchain to bring intelligent contracts to the masses

Smart Startup Company, based in the United Kingdom, founded by social and technological entrepreneur Simon Krystman, promises to simplify ordinary companies to benefit from the transparency and security provided by blockchain, through the launch of SMRT (Smart Startup Token) contracts. The objective is to create a commercial platform without friction for startups and SMEs.

SMRT is described as a «vending machine for legal documents» that are then secured in the blockchain. The need to create contracts can be extremely burdensome for new companies, in terms of money and time. Blockchain offers the opportunity to make the application more economical and easier. However, few small businesses have the resources or the understanding of blockchain technology to use it. The SMRT templates will cover the contractual areas faced by startups and small businesses, such as shareholder agreements and intellectual property agreements. They will also cover commercial and financial agreements in the form for which the Ethereum blockchain was originally designed.

Simon Krystman, CEO of SMRT, explained: «Established trading markets could greatly benefit from our smart contracts, since buyers and sellers will have automatically implemented agreements to transfer money for goods and services. They also open the way for many new decentralized markets, where smart contracts are the controls of commerce. Small businesses could buy packages from our smart contract templates to facilitate their buying / selling operations. «

The team

The SMRT team is highly qualified and has experience in running successful businesses. They have a wide variety of talents, connections and experience in blockchain, AI, entrepreneurship, financing, intellectual property, government and regulation, which gives SMRT a very solid foundation. Some team members are working as consultants, while holding high profile positions in industry, government and academia. Others work full time to build the infrastructure of a world leading company. Once the sale of tokens is completed, the team will expand to incorporate more internal software developers, lawyers and finance specialists, creating an internal infrastructure and another to manage partners.

Syed Kamall, Member of the European Parliament is the Regulatory Advisor of the SMRT Project, said: «Technology offers some very interesting opportunities, but as legislators at the international level, we must also make sure that consumers trust it. Blockchain and smart contracts will change the game for startups. «

Simon Krystman CEO of SMRT concluded;

«The core of our company is the marriage of legal agreements with the blockchain software code, backed by data science and artificial intelligence. Our key partners represent this core and employ leading professionals in their respective domains. «