Smart Toilet: Technology in the bathroom

Smart Toilet: Technology in the bathroom

Julio Abancéns is a commercial managing partner of the company iBath Argentina, which launched intelligent toilet equipment that is known worldwide as «Smart Toilet».

«We met them many years ago in Japan, in one of our trips – Julio starts counting-. It is a technology that was developed in that country thirty years ago. We were fascinated with this and thought it was something that could reach Argentina, «he said.

The businessman who revolutionized the market with a comfortable and ecological technological advance told LA VOZ DEL PUEBLO that «three years ago on a trip to the East we decided to take the tour to bring technology to our country. So we started a process, a research, we started working on the development. We travel to Japan, to China, to Korea, a whole journey. Then when we had the equipment, we did a job in Argentina to have all the authorizations, electrical safety, trade and those two years of work ended in the launch we are doing in Argentina of the Smart Toilet for the first time in the country. We are the first to bring them. «

The entrepreneur described three qualities of the equipment: design and comfort; health; and the care of the ecosystem. Regarding the design, he explained that «we developed something very modern and very nice that besides having a wonderful technology, decorate the environment. It has a height and an ergonomic lid developed for the best comfort. It also has several functions, deodorizes the environment -because it has a carbon filter that takes the carbonic particles and eliminates them-, the lid of the toilet takes temperature that can be regulated to feel comfortable. It has the built-in bidet and you can choose the temperature at which you want the water to wash, massage with the water, have a front bidet for the woman and later, you can regulate the water pressure, dry with the hot air and when you wake up and clean, the toilet just makes the discharge. «

Another quality has to do with health. «The recommendations are the use of the bidet to wash with water and drying so that there is no moisture, also for someone with mobility difficulties or for a large person, it is beneficial because you do not have to move to the bidet. It has everything resolved, «he said.

On the care of the ecosystem, he pointed out that «they are equipment that discharges 3.8 liters of water against the more ecological of the new manuals that spend 8 liters and those of pallets that spend 15 liters there. When accounts are made and we see how much water is saved with the system, it’s fabulous. «

«The first thing we did was a qualitative market study,» said the businessman from iBath Argentina, «to understand the acceptance and we found that the Argentine public, who is very used to using the bidet, thought it was great. In addition, something aspirational about new technologies is observed, since there is a market used to consume them and to have the latest «.

Regarding the final cost, he stated that «there is a plus. It is true that the team comes out 41 thousand pesos late, but when you think about remodeling a bathroom or building a new one, in general you buy a design team, plus a bidet, more faucets, more tapas, then you spend a similar number . Also saves a square meter that occupies the bidet and this translated into construction costs is very much. «

Regarding technology, he considered that «in time it is an unavoidable path through which we will all have to be aware of the restricted use of water. In addition there is another interesting thing in the download, not only consume less water, but has a double system, the cyclone in which the water turns to drain and a second discharge with another water inlet below called sifonic and throws power so that the toilets do not clog any more, so they spend less water and do not clog. «

The equipment was developed abroad and imported one hundred percent. However, «there is a five-year work plan to achieve the greatest amount of national integration,» said Abancéns, «that we are going to be able to do with some things, because others are a bit far from the technological».

The product has a three year warranty, the installation is simple and is the standard of Argentina, designed so that the download is located according to the custom of construction of the country. «It does not have a backpack, so the installation is made directly to the water network, the only thing different from a standard toilet is that it requires electricity, therefore you have to have a plug. The equipment is electronic, it is handled like a computer – said the businessman – if the light is cut off it has an internal battery that is always recharged and allows it to continue to discharge for three days. The power cut limits the functions and continues to act as a common toilet, «he said.

The company of Julio and Martín Abancéns has a specialized technical service before any inconvenience. «It is a tested and tested equipment, very technological with a very good performance that has no failures. But before any difficulty there is a technical support. We not only import the equipment we develop, but also spare parts and parts, «he concluded.

They expect to sell two thousand units a year
Regarding the expectations of the company, Abancéns commented in the dialogue with this newspaper that «we have a plan drawn up with different marketing channels. On the one hand, a commercial platform to have agreements with builders and developers, for architects who make renovations and of course for public sale. The expectation in the first five years is in the sale of about two thousand toilets per year. «

He explained that «you just have to contact the page and from there you can make the purchase, the shipping is quoted from Buenos Aires to the door of your house inside; in the Greater Buenos Aires and capital is free. With the developers we make contact and the response is immediate, we help the teams reach as many places as possible. «