Sommar Place, sustainable housing with Swedish design and Smart Home technologies from Apple HomeKit

Sommar Place, sustainable housing with Swedish design and Smart Home technologies from Apple HomeKit

The Swedish housing manufacturer, Trivelhus, is distinguished by creating ‘designed to live’ homes giving them a Swedish style: high ceilings, large windows and low density developments with spacious rooms. They add the highest specifications, sustainability, multiple options to customize and the latest technology in Smart Home.

Aimed at clients who want homes built sustainably from the sources and technologies that allow them to save energy while keeping warm homes and their bills affordable, these houses are built using wood as a sustainable source from Swedish forests. These homes achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency to withstand even the harsh Scandinavian winters.

These constructive ideas and energy saving technologies have been transferred to the British population of Milton Keynes, where Trivelhus has set up 39 smart, sustainable and spacious homes, under the Swedish name of Sommar Place. Located in the exclusive Broughton Gate district, known for its green spaces and rich history, each home blends characteristic Swedish design, clean and modern architecture and energy efficiency with the pioneering technology for Apple’s smart home.

Apple HomeKit for smart homes

Sommar Place has opted to develop housing enabled with technologies that are affordable, efficient and prepared for the future. With technological developments at this pace, the commitment to seamlessly connect technology and luxury is aimed at transforming the way people live in their homes.

With Apple HomeKit, Apple’s platform to control the smart home from a single device and integrating devices from other manufacturers, and intelligent accessories equipped as standard and a fully connected home from Sommar Place puts the lighting, heating, entertainment and security in the control of the owners of the house.

Simple to use and completely secured with encryption from start to finish, the list of HomeKit accessories and Smart home technology equip each property, which includes the new iPad devices, iPod Touch, Apple TV and Apple HomePod. There is even an Apple Watch and the indoor climate monitoring system Netatmo Healthy Home Coach, which is responsible for the health and well-being of users.

Technology expert lifestyle

For beginners in technology, managing smart home technology can not be easier. Owners of Sommar Place homes can simply use the Apple Home app on their iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad to control their smart accessories just like Apple TV can.

These accessories can be controlled room by room and the scenes can be adapted to the needs of the residents. A scene called Good Morning, for example, could ensure that the light of a room is turned on, the heating is set and the kettle is on.

On the other hand, a scene called Night Time could close the doors and windows, turn off the lights for a night of peaceful sleep. Apple’s advanced end-to-end encryption offers a high level of security and its corresponding peace of mind.

The properties at Sommar Place are not just beacons or technology beacons for the smart home. They are built to deal with extreme weather conditions. This innovative development would not have been possible without the collaboration with Places for People, an organization committed to improving local communities and driving innovation.