Sony launches a new electronic ink tablet with smart pen

Sony launches a new electronic ink tablet with smart pen

Last year we told you that the Japanese firm had launched a curious electronic ink tablet, which was also compatible with an intelligent pen, known as a stylus. This type of tablets is not common nowadays, since usually it is trusted in devices with LCD screens. In this case it is a smaller version of the view last year, with a size of 10.5 inches, equivalent to a sheet of paper A5.

This tablet not only serves to read books, but to write and draw as in a real notebook.

A large electronic ink slate

Electronic ink is not only used to read books, but to create tablets that look more like a sheet of paper. In this case the DPT-CP1 offers a high resolution of 1404 x 1872 pixels, very high for this type of screens, which as you know are in black and white.

Undoubtedly the great advantages of this electronic ink tablet is that it only has a thickness of 5.9mm, and that its battery can last a month with a single charge. Of course, its price is very high, of no less than $ 650, and it is likely never leave Japan. The best thing about this device is that it allows us to use the electronic ink screen as if it were an infinite notebook, being able to read and write texts or make illustrations with the same quality of a real page and an authentic pencil, but with capacity for infinite leaves.