The 4 best devices to turn your television into a Smart TV

The 4 best devices to turn your television into a Smart TV

You have a TV that works perfectly, but you miss the advantages offered by the most current models. This feeling is shared by many users and, therefore, the market is aware and offers various devices to convert your old TV into a Smart TV.

Through these last generation devices, you can enjoy all the content you have on your smartphone and pass them to the TV, as well as being able to incorporate the online television offer to your device. Check the updates you need to prepare your Smart TV, without giving up your beloved television.

Signal adapter for HDMI connection

The first thing you need to turn your TV into a Smart TV, is an adapter cable. What you will achieve with it, is to convert the RCA signal to HDMI. These are very inexpensive devices that have a lot of advantages.


Another very affordable offer that brings a multitude of new features for your TV is the Chromecast. Once you have your HDMI input, you just have to plug in the new device and work from your smartphone. With this synchronization, you will have countless applications to enjoy on your new Smart TV. Video content will be the main protagonists in your room, since you will have platforms such as Netflix, HBO or YouTube. It is compatible with all Android devices.

Apple TV

Similar to the device we have presented previously, but designed for Apple devices. In this way, you can connect your Mac, iPhone or iPad to your TV and enjoy its contents on your television. The applications available will fill your new state-of-the-art television with content.

Playstation 4

The Sony console connected to your Smart TV, becomes a unique multimedia center. The platforms will multiply thanks to its wide connectivity and its Blu-Ray player. The Playstation 4 will be a treasure connected to your TV.