The best technological options to turn your old TV into a Smart TV

The best technological options to turn your old TV into a Smart TV

Innovation and technological advances have allowed today’s audiovisual entertainment lovers to find the latest generation TVs with the possibility to watch series, films, music videos and even games that they can access thanks to their smart concept.

However, to enjoy all these benefits it is not necessary to have at home the most exclusive or most recent reference, bearing in mind that companies such as Linio, Falabella or Amazon offer you the possibility of acquiring a product with which your old television will give you access to all these possibilities.

These are adapters that connect to your old TV in order to offer all the comforts that can have those who have a Smart TV at home.

«What this product does is convert a normal television into smart via the Hdmi port, although there are some that offer connectivity through different ports, today most adapters are only designed for the Hdmi,» said Rodrigo de Angulo.

He recalled that in addition to the audiovisual content offered by firms such as Netflix, the buyer will have the opportunity to have access to YouTube, Facebook and websites in general.

«The most novel thing that this product has nowadays is that there are references that allow the user to handle the new functions of the TV through their cell phone, even some of them also have a voice command that receives the orders just by talking to the control remote, «said De Angulo.

Among the most novel references are: the Google Chromecast 2, by Linio; the Fire TV, from Amazon or the 4K Ultra HD 3D from Introtech that you can buy at Falabella.

On average, the price of these adapters varies between $ 60,000 and up to $ 700,000, depending on the characteristics and specifications of the reference.

«These converters are the best selling products in terms of television accessories and even mark a very high point in terms of overall sales of the company,» he said.

He stressed that in 2017 the company sold more than 1,000 units, a figure that they expect to surpass in the run of 2018 thanks to its good acceptance.