The future in the bathroom is here

The future in the bathroom is here

What seemed to us something of the future is already a reality in our homes. Domestic domotics is making great advances in modern life. But what does smart home lead us to? Does such intelligent automation help? Improving our quality of life and managing and controlling energy expenditure are its two main objectives. Do you want to see how it will affect the bathroom?

5 essentials in the smart bathroom

1- Faucets

Reducing water consumption is a necessity. With smart sensors, water only opens when it detects hands. In addition to allowing you to regulate the flow and temperature, you can reduce the monthly water bill considerably.

2- Aromatizer

You can finally control the smells in the bathroom. With the intelligent fragrance you just have to install the smell that goes with you and through the Smartphone you can program and control the release of it.

3- Smart mirror

Smart mirrors are the revolution. Touch screen that gives you good morning and that is responsible for not having fog when you get out of the shower. It also incorporates many functions that you can do from the bathroom and even connect. A perfect combination of mirror, crystal and TV.

4- Toothbrush

This intelligent toothbrush tells us how we wash them. If there are damaged teeth or gums, if there are areas where we do not pass the brush … Its operation is based on sensors with position detection technology. It also allows you to complement it with recognition videos on our smarphone.

5- Toilet

If you do not see it, you do not believe it. A toilet that offers you a variety of jets of water for your intimate hygiene with different speeds and angles and that also then dries you with hot air? And not only that, with its auto-cleaning technology you will only have to get it ready once a year.