The High-Tech Samsung smart TVs for 2018 will support 120Hz, FreeSync and VRR

The High-Tech Samsung smart TVs for 2018 will support 120Hz, FreeSync and VRR

When a few months ago Samsung officially unveiled its new range of televisions QLED advanced that would incorporate some functionalities focused on the most gamers of the house but did not materialize many more details.

Now that the new televisions are starting to arrive on the market, the brand has taken advantage in a meeting in Milan to advance the key points of these new functions that will arrive in different progressive updates to their QLED models but that will also reach the medium-high LCD range conventional (as for example to the NU8000 model).

Beginning with the refresh rate, the new screens will support 120 Hz in FullHD resolutions, although not in 4K, being in this case «only» 60 Hz, more than enough for the generation of current consoles. In addition, they will support two types of variable rate of frames per second to combat tearing and judder.

The first is FreeSync, already present on many monitors for current players. The second will be VRR (Variable Refresh Rate), a characteristic of the HDMI 2.1 interface that however it seems it will be possible to implement with the HDMI 2.0 connectors of the new Samsung TVs (remember that this year still will not jump to HDMI 2.1 ) provided that we have a source of compatible content, as in principle it seems that it will be possible with an Xbox One S or One X.

Finally, note that the brand seems ready to continue to improve the «game mode» in their TV, which will now be activated by default when it detects a compatible console and that as discussed in the presentation this year could reduce the input lag less than 16 ms