This is the TV (in inches and resolution) that you should choose according to the size of your living room

This is the TV (in inches and resolution) that you should choose according to the size of your living room

Buying a television is a decision, let’s say, important. It took us much longer to renew it again. It is not a matter of a long year, two or three as the case of ‘smartphones’. That’s why when we go to buy one of these devices we usually take into account many things. From the image quality – with variables such as Full HD, 4K, HDR … -, the type of screen -if OLED or LCD-, the design or the size of it. But how to know if this television we have taken a look at is the right one for the living room of our house?

There is a key factor that remains determinant despite the enormous evolution that these devices have suffered in the last decade. The viewing distance. Come on, the space that separates the sofa from the TV. And obviously a room of almost thirty square meters is not the same as one of fourteen, where the possibilities for placing the elements are much smaller.

If you opt for a screen that is too short in inches if you place yourself too far away, you will find that you will perceive the details in the same way, regardless of whether you have chosen a high resolution or a more normal value.

However, if you throw a ‘cracking’ buy a large TV to see it too close you will find that you will see details too pixelated and you can not enjoy the true quality of your new acquisition.

What was always said

The recommendations have changed a lot in recent times. Traditionally it was said that you had to multiply the inches of the diagonal of your television by two and a half and convert it (multiply it by 2.54) then to centimeters.

Applying this formula to a 55-inch television:

2.5 x 55 «= 137.5 inches.

137.5 x 2.54 = 349.5 cm.

That is, almost three and a half meters to see the screen.

However, this popular norm in the past has been completely out of date. Among other things because it did not take into account the advances in resolution and image quality. However, among manufacturers, they tend to recognize that today there is still a lot of old concepts regarding the size of television you should choose based on distance.

Resolution matters a lot

The theory practically accepted unanimously in the specialized gossip is that of an organization known as the SMPTE. This is the ‘Society Motion Picture and Television Engineers’ – founded in 1916 – which is dedicated to establishing standards related to the world of the image. They created a few courses ago the most accepted and most effective standard, which serves as a guiding basis to choose the inches and resolution of your TV.

As we said, the advances in the image and the higher density of pixels per inch have made perfectly a 4K television (or UHD) quite generous in size can be just over one meter from the point of view. If you remember the tube teles you will also hear that you had to be placed a good distance to be able to image well.

To refresh the memory. An HD screen will offer you 1,280 x 720 pixels, a Full HD will have 1,920 x 1,080 pixels and an Ultra HD, 3,840 x 2,160 pixels.

If you want an HD television: multiply by 2.4 the inches of your television and then convert it to centimeters.

If you want a Full HD television: multiply by 1.6 inches of your television and then convert it to centimeters.

If you want an Ultra HD television: multiply by 0.8 the inches of your television and then convert it to centimeters.

What happens if I have the distance and I have not yet considered size? Then you would have to perform the reverse process. Convert, for example, three meters to inches and then divide it by 2.4, 1.6 or 0.8 depending on whether we are thinking of HD, Full HD or UHD, respectively.

Other things to keep in mind

The height. It depends on several things but mainly on the sofa, the chairs (if it is a meeting room), if it is going to be hung on the wall or if you are going to put a piece of furniture. The recommended is that it is at eye level. Taking into account that the normal thing is that while sitting in a chair we are at an approximate height of eighty-odd centimeters or up to one meter. In that range you should place the center of the television.

The other important point is the lighting. Check well the placement in front of windows or strong lights, not going to be that you have to move moving lamps or closing blinds to avoid uncomfortable reflections.