This how it will be your home when you connect to the Internet

This how it will be your home when you connect to the Internet

For some time now, the ‘smartphone’ has ceased to be just another tool: today, it is an essential device without which we could not live. And it is totally logical, because in an increasingly connected world, the mobile phone has become our best ally when it comes to doing any type of task, routine or complex.

This is revealed by the ‘Global Mobile Consumer Survey 2017’, Deloitte’s annual report that analyzes not only the current use of mobile devices, but also the implantation and consolidation of new technological trends in the daily habits of the average user. And the immediate future paints an evidence: our home will be connected to the internet.

Welcome to the connected house

The next few years go through a context in which connected devices will take positions within our house. Right now, the penetration of these devices worldwide is 23%, although it is true that in Spain we are still a little behind, with a penetration of 17%.

92% of respondents (94% in the case of Spain) claims to have a ‘smartphone’ and use it on a regular basis. And these data are important. It is precisely the mobile that will be the epicenter around which all the other devices that make our home connected will revolve.

The first connected device that usually enters our home is ‘smart TV’, but that is only the beginning. Technologies such as wireless speakers, intelligent lighting systems or remotely activated thermostats are already taking positions and are expected to grow at unprecedented speed.

Of course, many users suffer a bipolarity in this context. And while they embrace the insertion of new technologies in their homes, they are unaware of the possible cybersecurity risks associated with these new technologies.

New trends: virtual reality, ‘retail’ …

The most immediate future does not end in the ‘smart home’. According to the Deloitte report, in the short and medium term we will see the implantation or consolidation of diverse tendencies that will immerse us in the life of the future.

1.- ‘Fitness band’

The use of connected devices when doing sports is still a minority, but it is experiencing one of the greatest growths ever seen: in just two years, its implementation has increased more than 100%.

2.- Virtual reality

Companies start rubbing their hands with virtual reality. 6% of users have some type of device of this type, but the trend does nothing but grow, which increases the expectations of companies when resorting to this technology to offer all kinds of services to their consumers .

3.- Technology and ‘retail’

For the companies of ‘retail’, the use of the mobile phone represents an authentic opportunity. 73% say they use their ‘smartphone’ to search for products or services, and most of them do so at least once a week. In addition, 68% also use it to seek comments and opinions about such products or services. However, this percentage drops at the time of purchase (56% in the case of products and 40% in the case of services).

So, what is the challenge now? Mobile payment: 33% of users do not trust this method as insurance, the same percentage does not see any advantage in paying with the mobile and 2% does not even know it. According to Fernando Pasamón, responsible partner of the Deloitte Consumer Goods and Distribution industry: «Despite the large investments that retailers are making in this area, we must continue working to convince consumers of its usefulness and, above all, everything, your security. Taking into account that the use of mobile phones in Spain during the ‘customer journey’ reaches 70% during the information and decision process, it is necessary to have a mobile channel strategy that meets the needs of consumers, and that will be the basis to adopt the new channel that will be consolidated in the coming years: the VOZ channel «.

How we interact our ‘smartphone’

Beyond the trends in the short and medium term future, the ‘Global Mobile Consumer Survey 2017’ confirms several interesting facts regarding our use of the mobile phone.

Immediate renovation

50% of users surveyed plan to renew their ‘smartphone’, at the latest, in the next year and a half, arguing technical problems arising from its use, such as battery malfunction, slow device or because it is broken the screen or some other external component.

Intensive (and abusive) use

In the renovation we can not ignore the aesthetic criteria, but neither the functional ones. And is that mobile phones have not become a device, but the main and most essential of all. In fact, 42% of users consider that it may make excessive use of it, although only 41% are trying to slow down.

The data, to the limit

Maybe we all think that we are not using the mobile phone too much, but there is a figure that reveals us: although 69% of our connections from the mobile are made in a Wi-Fi network, the fact is that 50% of users exceed the limit of data that you have contracted with your operator.

Less calls and more ‘apps’

«The study reveals that, over the years, calls are losing weight within our use for the benefit of instant messaging applications. Our phones have an average of 16 ‘apps’ installed. For Fernando Huerta, partner responsible for Telecommunications of Deloitte, «the growing use of ‘apps’ focused on communication between individuals opens new possibilities for companies to access their customers.»

«Knowing how we use these devices can help companies adjust their offer to the demands of consumers, for example, today, the offer of convergent packages is increasingly important for customer loyalty, while the music and videos in streaming are not decisive when choosing the operator «, explains Fernando Huerta.

There are no doubts, therefore. The smartphone has long since monopolized our lives, and this is only the beginning. If the current reality already presents a context dominated by digitalization, the immediate future will bring us a host of new developments that will make our life increasingly connected.