Xiaomi expects to sell more than 100 million smartphones in 2018

Xiaomi expects to sell more than 100 million smartphones in 2018

The Chinese company has become one of the biggest in the smartphone sector but its ambitions have not diminished. Xiaomi has confirmed that it wants to continue growing and improving its presence in the mobile market, and that they expect to supply more than 100 million smartphones in 2018.

The first thing that comes to mind is if we are facing a viable goal or if Xiaomi has gone over braking. To answer the question, it is best to start with objective data, since they are the ones that will give us the keys we need. In this sense we can confirm that the Chinese company registered an average of 10 million terminals sold per month during the first quarter of 2018, which means that yes, this goal is not crazy.

If Xiaomi is able to maintain that rhythm, always taking into account that we speak at the medium level since there are months when demand can be higher or lower, it could close 2018 with between 110 and 120 million smartphones supplied.

The improvement that this would mean compared to the previous year would be notable as the Chinese firm ended 2017 with approximately 90 million smartphones shipments, and at the same time it would also allow it to approach the results obtained last year by one of its most important rivals , Huawei, who placed about 150 million smartphones.

However, we must bear in mind that Huawei has also released its own estimates and are so positive that even if Xiaomi meets its objectives, it will not be able to cut distances, since the first one expects to close 2018 with a total of 200 million smartphones.