Your home in an App: This is how smart homes evolve

Your home in an App: This is how smart homes evolve

Everything or almost everything is controlled through apps so you are connected to your home at all times, even if you get away from it.

«From any mobile device we can control what happens in our house. We can raise windows, modify the air conditioning, turn lights on and off or open the door, among many other possibilities «, explains Jesús Gutiérrez, responsible for the prescription of Fermax electronics.

And is that the Internet of things begins to be a reality. The goal of ‘smart homes’ is that everything is connected, that there is no need to worry about many aspects of daily life and that even homes can save lives. An example of this work is the product developed by the company Fama Asistae and that is designed for the elderly. «Through an app we can control how much time it is sitting or when it gets up and warns us if there is any kind of problem,» says José Ángel Mayor, the company’s commercial manager.

What the series ‘Black Mirror’ showed in one of his episodes is not that far away. Alexa, a product designed by Amazon, is an artificial intelligence that works by voice commands, with which you can converse and that you can order almost anything. At the moment it does not have consciousness like the similar apparatus of the series of Netflix, but in March it was necessary to retire some units of the market because they laughed spontaneously.

Another of the ‘inventions’ highlighted that can be seen is the smart bed that Flex presented and that adapts to the sleep habits of its owners. One of the strengths of this innovation is that it will end the couple’s discussions on mattresses because, if two people sleep on it, the bed is individually adapted to the needs of each.

Finally, the protagonist must be mentioned. Robots can not miss robots, of course. The company Smartbot has introduced fully autonomous robots with which to clean the windows, barbecue and mow the lawn.